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Most common IELTS grammar mistake

25% of your marks in the writing and speaking tests come from using appropriate grammar structures that are error free. Unfortunately, when learning a new language people often make frequent grammar mistakes. In fact, if more than 50% of your sentences have any errors in them, you will not get more than band 6 for grammatical range and accuracy. In other words, to score 7 or higher, you should try to make more than half of your sentences completely error free.
Most people make all or some of these mistakes in their writing and speaking tests. A good thing to do is show some of your practice tests to a teacher or native speaker and establish your common errors. When you are aware of your common grammar errors you can easily fix them with practice and raise your score.

“I think you’re beautiful.” or, “I think you’re beautiful.” Two more homonyms. Which one is correct? So it should be… This is right, this is not. Because again, you want to say in this sentence: “I think you are beautiful”, not “your”, which is the possessive form, like: “Your bag is on the table.” Like that. This is a very common error made, unfortunately, also by English speakers. But you don’t want to do that because you know better.

“Bring this file over there.” or “Take this file over there.” Which one is correct? A very common error, kind of a vocabulary issue here. So, the correct answer is: “Take”, this is wrong because we said: “Take this file over there.” So the difference is you take something away from you, and you bring something towards you. So because we had the word “over there”, the direction is away from you, so you needed to say: “Take”.


IELTS speaking test questions

Speaking sample task – Part 1

Let’s talk about your home town or village.
What kind of place is it?
What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?
What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do?
Would you say it’s a good place to live? (Why?)
Let’s move on to talk about accommodation.
Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?
How long have you lived there?
What do you like about living there?
What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?

Part 2 – Individual long turn
Candidate Task Card
Describe something you own which is very important to you.
You should say:
where you got it from
how long you have had it
what you use it for
Eplain why it is important to you.
Rounding off questions
Is it valuable in terms of money?
Would it be easy to replace?

Speaking sample task – Part 3

Part 3 – Two-way discussion
Let’s consider first of all how people’s values have changed.

What kind of things give status to people in your country?
Have things changed since your parents’ time?

Finally, let’s talk about the role of advertising.
Do you think advertising influences what people buy


Approaches for Reading passages in IELTS

The most important thing I want to tell you before we start: you have to know what works for you. Okay? One of these approaches will work for you; the others may not. Practice all three. If you’re comfortable with one and it seems to work for you, and your score seems to be getting better, stick with that one and practice that one. Don’t try to do all three each time. Figure out which one works, and just practice that one the most. Okay?

So: can you read the entire passage and do the questions in that timeframe? Okay? That’s the question you must ask yourself. Are you a fast reader? Can you comprehend everything you’re reading? How is your vocabulary? Things like this. Some people, they must read everything, from beginning to end, and then go to the questions. But they can also keep; they can retain the information they’ve read, so when they go to the questions, they know where to go back and look for the answers.
Now, the good part about this is that you have all the information in your head once you’ve read the entire passage. The bad part is that you’re going to be reading the passage twice. Okay? Or not the whole passage, but you’re going to read big chunks of the passage twice. You’ll have read it the first time, you’ll go to the questions, and then you’ll be reading again to find the answers because you’re looking for specific words now. When you get to the questions, sometimes it’s the only one-word difference from what you read in the passage.


How to improve vocabulary for ielts test.

Vocabulary plays an indispensable role in IELTS. Especially in Reading and Writing modules as in Reading, there are three passages which have forty questions in total. The English Language is a vast ocean as there are ample words which are used so it is a tedious task for anyone to have knowledge about each and every word. The language which is used in the reading passages is not at all easy to understand for all. Moreover, in writing also, it is advised to use good vocabulary to grab good bands. For this purpose, one needs to learn proper vocabulary. One can learn vocabulary in various ways that are mentioned below:

READ NEWSPAPER: The reading newspaper is one of the best activities one can adopt for learning vocabulary. At the time of reading newspaper, one should take a notebook and pen with which he can make notes of the words which are unknown to him. In this way, he will be able to collect plenty of words.

Once one has collected words it is very important for him to retain them in mind which is only possible if he will be using them. It is advised him to make sentences over them which will make his retaining very easy.

After this, one should find out the synonyms of these words. Majority of the times, it is seen that synonyms are used in Reading passages which always confuse the students to get the right answers. Once he has knowledge about
synonyms, he will be able to answer those questions.


What is Corporate life and what is the meaning of corporate Training?

The terms Corporate is very crucial to apprehend but its significance is so acute that most of the candidates want to indulge in this realm, so that they can find the better exposure of work. The corporate world has its own beautiful charm that is full of such works and extensive experiences, which can even build a person to become an ardent expertise of their departments.

As most of the youth in the country have an immersing desire of learning the art maintaining their working order and learning is the primary step towards your dream as this knowledge only aids a person to become perfectionist.

Thus, after years of experimenting in the academics, majority of the youth has acute desire to join a corporate, where they can enlighten themselves better about the company work.

What are the significant role of corporate in anyone’s life?

Take an example, as it will assist better in enlightenment; if you have an idea regarding your start-up and as fever of internet and online market is so high that any enthusiastic and favourable idea can work as a nice company but here comes the but.

For inception of the start-up you can only have idea to which have perceived and you can make your assistors to precept that but taking care of the finances, account department, taxes, market value of your idea, survey, website making, designing, managing people, managing data, confidential assets and much more that a person needs to look after.

So, do you think that is it possible for you to enlighten yourself with these things in a day? Of course not; you can pick up any person, who is a big fish in the market, they all have taken hard and prolonged period of training in the big MNC’s. The corporate world is full of wonders and astounding experiences.

But do you think, is it easy to enter in the corporate world? Not at all, as this wonderful world has its many stages to cross and it is not easy for the mere people to crack all the levels and get the entry easily or you can simply say you can call yourself indulging in knuckling down situation.

What are the significant features of the corporate world?

There are many things that one can learn from the corporate world and some of them are enlisted here-

–      The candidates, when initiate their work in the office environment, they imbibe the knowledge of communicating in the proper way.

–      The corporate aura allows the candidate to feel free and express his or herself better in the field of their work.

–      The corporate world teaches you etiquette.

–      The aura of corporate brings a kind of stability in mind and heart. Though, people always feel the burden of work but still they learn art of keeping themselves calm and composed.

–      The corporate world also directs you towards many areas of working, where you can find exposure and allows yourself observe things and enlighten yourself better about the work and its proceedings.

The real meaning of corporate training-

The precise meaning of corporate training is the development of the skill and carving of the talent that has been hidden from the world for longer duration. The corporate training is spreading rapidly and most of the companies are seeking for it because the trend of hiring new and amateur people is over now. The companies now want to hire people, who already have acquired knowledge and can excel in their work.

In the present time, the competition is so high amongst the companies across the globe that company high grade officials only give the precise position to the gems, who literally qualify for that position. The companies also go for the training of their candidates as the company has great envision, where it wants its employees to perform well and help in enhancing the business. There are ample points that come under the consideration for the companies.

The training of the employees is as important as enhancing the revenue. Moreover, there are much more points that can easily persuade the company to go for the corporate training.


The levels of corporate entrance?

There are about 3 steps that are generally involved in the procedure of finalizing the unerring candidate. So, the steps are as follows-

Recruiting section-

In this section, generally the candidate is exposed to the people, who belongs to his/her department and they ask questions from your niche. The recruiters can even ask you to perform few tasks related to your arena. Mainly, this section is included to find out whether you have an acquired knowledge of your arena or not. If the candidate qualifies this section with good grades, then he/she proceeds to the next round, which is called the HR round.

The HR Round-

Human resources are the most essential asset of any company as these are the only people, who swim in the bottom of the sea even to bring the gems. Under this round, people find the round-table conference like situation, where they find 1 or more HRs, who take the interview of the people.

The HR genuinely loves to see your tactics of diplomacy, your deliberate nature and also your compelling ways. Under this section, people undergo long conversation, where the HR digs out ample information about the candidate and make his/her report that whether the candidate deserves this position or not.

The D-Day-

The D-Day is actually the third and final round of the interview section, where the candidates finally gets the chance to meet the high authority people of either their department or the higher-grade officials, who have been serving the company for a longer duration.

Now, this round is bit tough as in this round people are asked some crucial question to which only right candidate cracks.

So, these are 3 prime stages of entrance in the corporate world. However, a question might puzzle you as you can think of the significance of the corporate life.


8 Reasons why the corporate training is essential

There are multiple reasons behind the corporate training and the prime reasons are as follows:

–      The corporate training includes computer training, software training, verbal communication, presentation skills, business software, online training and much more to which generally the new comers are not aware of.

–      The sessions of the corporate training are conducted to fill the void of skills in various arenas.

–      With the higher grade of technology experiments and tools, it is important for every employ of the company to apprehend the technology and that’s why the technical sessions are conducted.

–      For any organisation or the company, client management and client engagement is quite important, also this technic is taught anywhere but during the corporate training sessions these things are taught well.

–      For any company, its employees are its potential assets that are always ready to beat the competition and for facing the competition and tackling the crucial situation, it is very important for the employees to have clear vision and focus.

–      Apart from being an asset, the employees are the only people, who aids the company to grow at triggered pace and if they are not able to work or perform according to the pace of time, where technology has almost reached at peak, then it will create very bad impact on the company. Hence, introducing the employees with the new technology and making them to work on them is done in the training.

–      Also, the people, who belong to the representative group or genuinely asked or trained to learn the art of representing themselves in front of any client, customers or new people, who enquire about the services the company provides.

–      The experimental learning and the human value is also learnt during the training sessions and apart from these things, the level of interventions is also enhanced, which helps in perforating the productivity.


Benefits of having a good command over your language at work

In modern-day international society, a commercial enterprise is an increasing number of being conducted across borders with English often being used as a global language of communication.

The capability to use English in the place of a job has a number of advantages including helping your enterprise to succeed, building confidence with colleagues and clients, constructing and enhancing global relationships, enhancing your skill-set and commanding a higher revenue and improving international relationships via cultural understanding.

The capability to speak in English is a huge asset to many organizations and organizations consisting of those who do not use English as a legit language. Companies who conduct business internationally are in all likelihood to be attractive with people who talk English as a first or second language on an ordinary foundation making the capability to use English in the place of work is a very precious skill.

A right expertise of English allows you to speak correctly with international clients, assisting them to trust you and your business enterprise ensuing in robust and lasting business relationships. People who use English for their work on an everyday foundation want to be in a position to use English for a variety of purposes which includes in conferences and negotiations, for managing, writing reports, giving presentations and in social situations. Being in a position to communicate and negotiate effectively with purchasers who talk English makes your skill-set extra eye-catching to agencies who conduct enterprise internationally that means personnel who speak English can frequently command higher salaries.


How to improve vocabulary

Everyone who is mastering English is usually looking to understand how to improve their English vocabulary in a good and quick way. While there is no one perfect way to study English, there are ideas you can use that will make this method a lot easier.

It’s also precise to comprehend that there are methods that aren’t necessarily effective, and why we want to keep away from the usage of these strategies.

Listen to a song – If you’re a fan of a positive type of track or band/artist, then attempt building your vocabulary with it. The wonderful element about songs is that you can play them over and over again!

It’s almost assured that you’re going to find new words that you don’t know, while you’re singing a song. When that happens, you have the strength of the internet to assist you to find the definition of the word, or use a dictionary if you’re a simple person.

Once you experience like you apprehend a new word. Try the usage of them in a sentence! If it’s a phrase than you might use in a dialog with anyone.

Learning new vocabulary words doesn’t have to be robotic or boring. When you research new words via studying or listening something that without a doubt pursuit you, it turns into a great deal and it additionally turns into less difficult to learn. Many of us war with studying phrases and how they’re used, however it doesn’t have to be this way, mainly with the proper material!