Speakeng India conducts Accent Training courses for adults and young learners who intend to sound and pronounce English like native speakers. These courses can help you to be understood by native speakers and allows you to fully express yourself. The accent training course is for aspirants who want to enrich their accent from scratch. Even though you know the vocabulary and the endless grammar rules, you still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly, this struggle with language can make communicating with native English speakers a frustrating experience for both you and them.
You supposedly have an Indian Accent, an Accent that is normally expected of most Indians. You may have a good knowledge of the English language but does not guarantee a good accent. But what does a good accent mean? It means an accent that is easy on all ears across the globe, an accent that is understood by all in the international community, no matter who the listener is an American, British, Australian or a Canadian or people from any other country. This Accent is called a neutral accent. Improving your English Accent is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the most challenging characteristics such as troublesome vowel sounds, difference in stressed and un-stressed syllables and words, which make you sound like a native speaker. Our institute shaves off certain excess from your current accent, and develop neutral accent. Our faculty gives you the understanding of the American way of speaking, culture and diversity.
Almost all people strive for success in life. Unfortunately, society put on the pedestal not personal characteristics, but they judge people the way they dress and speak. That is why people try to improve themselves. Sometimes this aspiration force to change themselves in unnatural ways, because without the modifications they feel like deficient people. Our institute will help you to logically understand and implement the rules as and when you interact in English. The study of any language is a life skill, where you will actually react spontaneously. It means whatever you learn; you will have to practically implement to master the language. Our faculty innovatively simplifies the content and makes sure you master the essentials of the language.
We begins with the study of alphabets, pronunciation of consonants, contraction, and word connection, in depth study of vowel sounds, syllables, word stress, intonation pattern and slang. Our Accent training will enable you to understand the nuances of implementation.
Our Accent training motto is ‘Here begins a new life’. Indeed our training brings in a new lease of life. It strengthens one’s academics and career. They easily outshine others with their better presentation skills and improved knowledge skills.
As we train different levels of students, we understand their capabilities. We respect their learning capabilities and tailor the curriculum of Accent training program. We expect the students to respect and value the Accent training provided. For that, one has to be sincere, dedicated and serious minded. They should interact a lot in the classroom.

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