Accent Training In Bangalore

Speakeng India offers one of the best and highest-quality Accent Training in Bangalore, with a variety of training approaches to suit all types of students. We follow an activity-based training program and widely acknowledged course material. 

Accent Training Overview

If you speak a second or even a third language. It is common to have a MTI (Mother tongue influence), which may make you feel a bit intimidated communicating with professionals. It is an essential skill to possess if you desire to work or study in another country to talk.  To be able to communicate globally, you must use a neutral accent. Most importantly, fluency is quite important, which is gained through good training.

At Speakeng India, we focus on reducing the MTI (Mother tongue Influence). Learning to be understood should be a focus rather than trying to avoid speaking in a way you normally would on a daily basis. In fact, doing so will simply make it more difficult for you to convey your thoughts

Is it Even Possible to Reduce the Accent?

Yes, it is true!

If accents can be gained, they can also be reduced. All it takes is proper training and consistent practice.

Why Accent Training is essential?

It helps the person to be understood and prevents misunderstandings. People with a heavy accent are more likely to misunderstand instructions, which can have devastating consequences. Additionally, eliminating one’s accent might lead to a person becoming more well-spoken, boosting one’s possibilities. A person can move to management and other job options if they have great communication abilities.

People who want to work or study in another country must be able to communicate in English well enough to understand the national accent. If you wish to advance and have the opportunity to study or work overseas, you should choose the accent to increase your chances to persevere during examinations or interviews

English fluency is unquestionably vital in today’s fast-paced business world. It’s much more important to prepare oneself to be understood when giving a presentation, negotiating a transaction, or meeting with your peers. It’s the most important aspect of communication!
At Speakeng India Accent training in Bangalore, We focus on,

  • The phonetics
  • Jaw and articulation exercises
  • Sentences formation
  • Pronunciation
  • Speech Mechanism
  • Syllable and word stress
  • Speech therapy
  • Voice modulation

Why Choose Us?

  • Learn from Experts
  • Highly experienced and full of enthusiasm.  
  • Friendly encouraging environment 
  • We focus on accent reduction with the help of Examples.
  • Monitor your progress

We will help you communicate confidently and effectively in English. Our accent training in Bangalore will help you acquire proper articulation and instill a neutral accent. We have the top trainers that can assist you in overcoming the barriers imposed by heavy mother tongues and poor diction. You will overcome language difficulties and build outstanding English speaking and accent abilities that will help you deal with international clientele and expand your business chances. We take the time to learn about our students’ needs and adapt our courses to meet those needs.

Do you have any plans to improve your communication skills in the near future? Well, now is the time to start. The ideal option is to get trained at a well-known institute.

For more details on our syllabus, training process, faculty, course duration, fees, etc talk to our student counselor who will guide you further on Speakeng India Accent training in Bangalore.

Without further ado, let us help you master!

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