Australian accent training

Australian Accent Training In Bangalore

So, Planning to study or work in Australia? Or are you planning a vacation?

You have read about Australia and its cultures, but not sure how to sound like an Aussie?

We have got you covered!

Plus, the local people will be so happy and excited that you explored & studied their culture —No doubt you will definitely get invited to their next barbecue and introduce you to their mates!

Speakeng India offers fantastic Australian Accent training sessions in order to assist our students in achieving their academic and professional goals. We use unique and progressive methodologies to eliminate the monotony of training and to facilitate higher and faster language learning. We follow an activity-based training program and widely acknowledged course material. 

The most appealing aspect of our Australian accent training in Bangalore is that we keep the batch size minimum in order to facilitate individualized attention to each student. Trainees may be hesitant to ask questions in class at first because of their apprehension, this issue is sorted out by giving them separate individual classes. Our pleasant and patient tutors will motivate you to acquire Australian accent training right away.

Learn with Speakeng India and nail the accent with this easy training process. Plus, you’ll learn the most common Aussie expressions and words. You’ll be talking like an Aussie in no time, and that’s our goal too!

At our Australian Accent classes in Bangalore, we’re a big fan of creative ways to tackle standard accents that are the pleasing, powerful, and pleasurable standard accents. Key techniques and practices will be to focus on the pitch, sound, modulation, and oral-posture shifts found in different accents and show how these general modifications can help your appearing assignments.


Is it even possible for a non-Australian to sound like an Australian? 

Once you figure out the basic differences in tonality and pronunciation, you could imitate the sounds. But it is a difficult accent to master, even experienced American actors have difficulty imitating an Australian accent with complete accuracy. That said, with the right guide and practice, you can very well speak like a local Australian. 

Australian Accent Training in Bangalore includes: 

  • The phonetics
  • Jaw and articulation exercises
  • Sentences formation
  • Pronunciation
  • Syllable and rhythm, word stress
  • Speech therapy
  • Voice modulation
  • Accent familiarisation and extended listening practice

Do you have any plans to improve your Australian in the near future? Well, now is the time to start. The ideal option is to get trained at a well-known institute.

Speakeng India offers one of the best and highest-quality Australian Accent classes in Bangalore, with a variety of training approaches to suit all types of candidates.

For more details on our syllabus, training process, faculty, course duration, fees, etc talk to our student counselor who will guide you further on Speakeng India Australian Accent classes in Bangalore.

Without further ado, let us help you master the world’s sexiest language, yes you heard it right! According to a recent survey performed by the renowned dating website, over 2000 American men and women consider Australian accents to be among the world’s most sexiest.

We are here to help you out with a few free tips and Australian slang before you enroll

Australian slang

  • Ambo – Ambulance.
  • How ya doin? – How are you today?
  • Spit the dummy – Throw a tantrum.
  • Relies – Relatives
  • G’Day – Hello or How are you (P.S. Learn this word right, make many friends)

Few tips to talk like Australian

  • Drop the ends of words with the letter “r” and replace it with a short ‘a’ sound. (Example – “car” becomes “cah”)
  • Add vowels. For example, add “a” & “u” in ‘future’ to become fee-you-cha.
  • The letter “T” sounds softer, making it more like an American “D.” For example, the word “matter” sounds more like “mehdduh.”

G’Day, what are ya waitin’ for?  Let’s get you enrolled mate!

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