We at Speakeng India provide you with Corporate Language Training that include language training as well as Soft Skills. Be it delivering a great presentation , being an active participant in team meetings or conveying your thoughts effectively on conference calls, a blend of both; command over the language as well as great soft skills are required. We have specially designed English speaking classes to assist the same .

Here is our Modus Operandi for maximizing the learning outcomes for our students and making their learning a cakewalk:

Activity and Practical Based Training:

At Speakeng we focus majorly on activity and practical based training. We always encourage complete student involvement in the sessions thus making them more useful and maximising the learning outcome. To achieve these objectives our trainers use methods like group discussions, debates, jam sessions etc.

Group Discussions are a major confidence boasters as they depict how a person behaves, responds and interacts in a group. It polishes a person’s communication further as they have to participate and respond in a group, listen to everyone while also making their point clear and heard.

Debates are another great tool to boost confidence and improve communication. If you can counter someone’s point and make yourself loud and clear, you’ve trained yourself on great communication.

Advanced Grammar and vocabulary 


The basic sine qua non i.e. the prerequisite for learning any language. We need to understand the grammar and build our vocabulary.

Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. It helps you think in a more logical and precise manner.

Vocabulary is important in communication because its the words that make up a language. The more words you know, the more clearly you can communicate. It is critical for a good comprehension. You can comprehend what the other person is speaking or what you are reading in a much better way if you have a good grip on vocabulary.

In the case of corporate communications, vocabulary plays a much bigger role and is required for effective communications.


Accent Neutralization

Accent neutralization means understanding the basic regional differences in a certain language and then making one’s speech sound more neutral. This is important so that employees can get over stronger regional accents and thus make themselves sound clearer to people globally. It definitely does not mean changing yourself and speaking like someone else. It just means bringing our accent to a more neutral level where we are more clear in our communication and comprehended well by people globally. Our accent neutralization training includes understanding phonetics, English language structure, syntax and semantics and most importantly cultural and interpersonal skills.


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