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What is PTE?

Most of the candidates go for TOFEL and IELTS, but people are not aware of the PTE examination, an acronym for the Pearson test of English Academic.

PTE is the computer-based English knowledge test that is given for taking admission to colleges abroad. This test aims to find the precise candidate who is not a native speaker for studying abroad. Similar to TOFEL and IELTS, PTE also has various examination sections. The amazing feature of this test is that the candidates can get their results within 4 to 5 working days.

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What are the sections included in the PTE?
Alike TOFEL and IELTS, PTE is also consisting of 4 sections, Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. All these sections have its pivotal questions that are indeed tad tough to crack as the level of English required over here is quite high.
PTE mainly includes PTE academics and PTE General section and in both the section the consequential questions are enlisted that needs to be completed within 3 hours.
During the test, the candidates come across using the computer for writing answers and the headphones for the listening and speaking section.
What is the exam pattern of PTE?
As mentioned-above, PTE includes Academic and General English sections, where the sub-section like reading, writing, listening and speaking is included. In adequate form the test is conducted and for qualifying the exam the candidates need to score high marks.
For having an elucidate version of this test, lets rephrase each section and divide it into parts as it will provide more clear vision.

Part-1 & 2
Speaking and writing in the Academic arena-
The candidates under this section are precisely analysed to see whether they have the potency of speaking and apprehending English or not. In the academic English speaking and writing realm, the candidates are asked to answer the questions, read the given paragraphs, repeat the sentences and also summarise the paragraphs.
In the speaking section, the personal introduction is also included in which the candidates are asked to introduce themselves within 30 seconds. Subsequently, the personal introduction doesn’t add any marks to the candidates’ score board but it allows them to present themselves in front of the institutes.
On the computer screen of the candidates, there remains a recording box, after a tone or beep, the students need to record their personal introduction and in the similar pattern, they also need to repeat the sentences or speak about any of the image or thing, which appears on their screens.

ModuleTaskSkill AssessmentPrecise lengthAnswering time
ReadYou will find out a text written on the screen and you need to read it aloud.Observer notices your reading and speaking fluency.Approximately 60 wordsModule varies and depends upon the length of text.
RepetitionA recording is played on the screen that you need to listen and repeat what you have listened.Listening and verbal acquirement is observedAbout 3 to 9 seconds longAbout 16 seconds.
Image assumptionAn image will come on the screen to which you need to elucidateSpeaking fluency observedN/AAbout 40-50 seconds
Lecture assessmentYou would hear a lecture to which you need to assess and after that re-telling of the lecture task is provided.Listening and speaking is observedAbout 1 minuteThis section is 40-50 seconds long.
Short QuestionsYou will find out the few questions to which you need to answer within a few word or  sentences.Speaking fluency8-10 secondsAbout 15 seconds.
SummarisingYou would be asked to write the summary of a given textReading and writing skillText would be up to 300 to 350 words long10 to 15 minutes
Essay writingYou would need to write an essay of 200 to 300 words on the given topicWritingAbout 10 to 15 sentences15 to 20 minutes

Apart from the listening and speaking section, this arena also includes the writing section, where the students are asked to write the summary after reading a paragraph. The candidates are allotted about 10 minutes. Also, the candidates would have to write an essay in this section.

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Part- 3
Listening of the Academic section-
As the name says – listening, under this section an audio clip will appear to which one needs to listen very carefully and then answer the questions based on that. The candidates would be given an audio or the video clip to listen and answer accordingly.

ModuleTaskSkill AssessmentDuration
SummaryOnce you have heard the recording, you need to summarise the entire recording..Listening and writing would be assessed1 minutes to 90 seconds
Multiple choice question and answerAfter listening the recording, you need to answer the question with  multiple choice answers.Listening assessment40 to 60 seconds
Fill in the blanksA transcript will appear on the screen and a recording will be played, so after listening to it you need to fill in the blanks.Listening and writing assessments40 to 60 seconds
Precise summary selectionAfter listening to the recording carefully, you need to pick up the best suited summaryListening and writing assessment20 to 50 seconds
Missing wordsAfter you are done with listening, you need to find an appropriate word that completes the sentenceListening assessment20 to 30 seconds
Incorrect wordsThe transcription will appear on the screen and then a recording is played. Listen the recording carefully and  highlight the words in the transcript that didn’t weren’t there in the transcript.Listening assessment10 to 50 seconds
WritingAfter listening the recording, you also need to write the sentences.Listening and writing assessment5 to 10 seconds

]So, as mentioned above, the candidates are only given about 10 minutes to answer the questions. This section is tad contagious as under this section one needs to hear the audio with enough consciousness and summarise the answers. Also, do make sure that the summary is not more than 70 words as you need to answer in comprehensively concise manner.
After this the candidates will also have to listen to an audio from which they would be asked the multiple choice questions. The candidates can select the option on screen and when the option is selected, it would be highlighted in yellow.

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Part-4 – Reading in academic section-

The capability of reading and answering according to the reading assessments is judged in this realm. The candidates would discover paragraphs and multiple choice questions to which they need to answer.

ModuleTaskSkill AssessmentWord-count
Multiple choice questions and choose single answerAfter reading the content, you need to mark the precise answer.ReadingUp to 110 words
Multiple choice questions and answer multiple answersAfter reading the content provided, you need to choose multiple answersReadingAbout 250 to 300 words
Re-arrange the paragraphsA transcript will appear on the screen and a In random form, the paragraphs will appear and you need to arrange it respectivelyReading and writing skillsAbout 100 to 150 word count
Fill in the blanksA content with numerous gaps will appear and you need to fill it with appropriate wordsReadingAbout 50 to 80 words

[Before heading off for this section, the candidates always need to make sure that they read the entire information available on the screen literally and do pay heed towards it as majority of the times the candidates answer it wrong or they exceed the word-limit, which ultimately results to a bad impression.
As this section is comprising of so many multiple choice questions and other type of questions too, so it is important to enlighten yourself first about the entire format mentioned.

PTE General Realm-
Under the general realm the writing and speaking  in included. There are about 6 different level and distinguished time allotted to the candidates. The written exam is mainly examined by the external examiner of UK and the speaking part is examined by the local examiner.
In the PTE general arena, the communication skills are mainly focused rather than other skills. Majority of the universities accept the PTE academic score over the PTE general. Hence, if you want to take admission in nice and astounding university then you need to qualify both the levels of the PTE.

What are the benefits of PTE?
There are enormous benefits of PTE and here are a few glimpses of it-

  • The PTE-A stands for PTE academic examination to which thousands of the foreign universities accept. Just like IELTS and TOFEL, it is mainly used for taking admission in the Australian universities.
  • This is a total computer based test, where no biasness can take place. The students need to answer the question on computer and for speaking and listening section they are provided the headphones; using which they are able to listen and record the answers.
  • You don’t need to wait too long for this test as every day this test is held and one can find all the information about this test on its official website
  • Quick results availability is there in this test. So, the candidates don’t need to wait too long for the results.
  • One can find various kinds of discount offers on the PTE test form, so don’t need to worry much about the price of the test.
    So, these are the certain faces of the benefits that one can access with an ease. However, qualifying the PTE is not a cupcake task as this is a bit tough and daunting exam that is  little hard to crack. Therefore, there is need of a guide or trainer, who can train you well for this particular exam.Why to choose us?
    Speakeng India is not a mere institute but it is a hub of ardent and highly-skilled professional trainers, who have an acute knowledge of such stipulated exams. We don’t only train but we build the candidates on the consolidate platform, where they can stand with confidence and can face all the phases with an ease.