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  • Soft Skills Training for Corporate Companies.

At Speakeng India, we believe that Soft skills are the most important part of your personality.

Communication is not achieved only through speaking a language, but all your actions speak and as they say “actions speak louder than words”. Thus we focus on various soft skills to help your company’s employees excel in corporate communications.

Since soft skills depend largely on one’s personality, the requirement of every individual is different when it comes to soft skills training and thus we have our programs customized for everyone differently. The trainers at Speakeng India first assess every student and then design a course according to their needs.

There are various modules in our soft skills training. They are as follows:


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When we talk about staff motivation, there are many things that come to our mind  like more money, promotion, a bigger office etc. However, the true motivation comes only from within and that can be brought by a truly skillful and motivational mentor.

A positive attitude is very important for maintaining one’s  psychological well being and also helps in coping up with stressful conditions at workplace.  A person with positive attitude also gets along well with the co-workers who in turn feel positive thus improving the overall atmosphere and productivity at work.

Strong work ethics form an integral part of a successful career. They are based on the ideals of discipline and hard work. Discipline in areas like attendance, appearance, character and productivity, skills such as teamwork, organization skills, cooperation respect etc, go a long way in building a foundation for an impact-full and successful career trajectory.

Work pressure is the resultant of the amount of work required to be done in certain time frame, usually a time which is less than the required pace of the employee. Work pressure may be due to various factors which can sometimes be resource or time constraints too. While work pressure is an unavoidable factor in the corporate world, it is usually said to improve productivity and employees who are able to manage work pressure effectively, have a better career growth and are usually successful people since they also know how to manage stress. People who have good flexibility and adaptability can work in any situation and are thus good stress managers.

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Presenting a topic to an audience is called a presentation. This topic may be a demonstration, introduction, lecture etc meant for different purpose like sharing information, motivation, persuasion or a new product launch. Good presentation skills require delivering an engaging and effective presentation. This is possible when the speaker is confident in speaking and connects well with the audience.

We at Speakeng India help you in honing these skills and make you excel at delivering effective presentations. 

  • Apart from above, there are many other skills that are indispensable for being successful and influential at workplace. Self confidence is one such essential quality that also in turn boosts your leadership skills, decision making , creativity and innovation , anger management. However learning from criticism is also important as we should always keep learning. Negotiation skills, Interpersonal skills , acting as a team player , cross cultural training, team building are some of the essential people skills that go a long way in making your corporate life successful and impact full. We , at Speakeng India train the employees of a company in all these spheres of corporate soft skills.
  • Beyond these people skills , there are certain skills that require an advanced level of command over language, both in speaking as well as in writing. Each of these skills have certain predefined rules and require training to be adept at it. Having a good vocabulary and speaking accent along with other personality traits goes a long way in honing these skills. These skills are : Business Etiquettes, Resume Writing, Interview skills, Email Etiquette, Corporate Communication, Presentation skills etc. We at Speakeng India, provide activity based learning experience to help you develop and excel in these skills
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Team is a group of people aligned towards common goal. Team building in corporate culture means turning a group of individually contributing employees into a closely bound team, wherein they work closely with each other, interdependently and cooperatively towards a common goal and purpose. This makes them more efficient and all inclusive since in a team there are more ideas, more brain storming and then problem solving together. It also increases trust and improves motivation in employees.

Hence team building is very important in corporate companies which is why they keep holding team building activities.

We train you in team building by using team building activities at Speakeng India. This in turn makes you a better team player at office. 

Addressing a meeting in a proper manner is important since it sets the tone of the meeting and the mood of the attendees to a great extent. Some good English phrases and good command over the language go a long way in helping you sail through a successful meeting.

A meeting has different parts like Initiating a meeting, asking for opinions, giving an opinion, agreeing/disagreeing, suggestions, interrupting, controlling the meeting and finally closing the meeting. All of these segments of a meeting require different soft skills and linguistic command.

We at Speakeng India train you on addressing and conducting successful meetings.

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Self confidence is one of the major skills or I would say life skill required to sail through this life boat, not only on the professional front but also on the personal front. However we are not born with this quality. Its an acquired quality and more often than not it is acquired by the ups and downs in our life. It’s a human tendency that any mistake depletes our confidence and any accomplishment boosts it up. Now it depends on ourselves to build our confidence levels and make them unaffected by these external factors.

We at Speakeng India train you on building and maintaining your self confidence levels.

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A leader is the one who motivates and leads a group of people towards a common goal and accomplishes a task. To be a good and effective leader, you have to walk your talk, lead by example.

Some of the major qualities required to be a good leader are: Effective communication, motivation, empathy, vision, positive attitude, humility and many more with which he can persuade a person to accomplish a task that seems impossible. A person with good leadership skills is always respected by the team because he grooms them and grows up the corporate ladder along with them.

We at Speakeng India train you on these essential skills that sum up to make a good leader.

If we talk about employee motivation from the perspective of an employee, it can be easily said that it is the happiness factor that an employee brings with him to the workplace. This happiness factor is the sum total of the energy level, work commitment and thought innovations that an employee brings on the table. It is one of the key driving factors in building a great workplace.

Public speaking involves skills that enable us to communicate effectively in a group or to present our thoughts to a group of people and let me tell you its not just good English that is sufficient for being a good public speaker. It requires a lot of self confidence to stand in front of the public and make them listen to you. Further, a proper tone of voice makes the audience listen to you with interest. Proper use of body language and audience engagement are few more factors out of the many required to be a good public speaker.

We at Speakeng India provide you with training to develop the skills required for being a good and effective Public Speaker.

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