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Speakeng India offers one of the best-rated UK Accent Classes in Bangalore, with a variety of training approaches to suit all types of students. We follow an activity-based training program and widely acknowledged course material. 

What UK/British Accent really is?

There’s no one particular British English accent, Great Britain, Ireland, and many smaller islands have different accents. UK Accent is often considered an English dialect along with US English and Australian English. In reality, there are almost 40 different accents in the UK that sound different from each other. 

In 1950, the UK had 2 groups of British accents. The “proper” received pronunciation which is a standard British accent. This was considered “posh” or upper class. Posh people decided what class you were in purely based on the way you spoke English. 

It is not the case anymore, the UK has nearly removed this accent ‘bias’ from society. The most important thing is to worry less about your accent and more about, are you understood when you speak English. Clarity and correct pronunciation are far more important today than your underlying accent.

English fluency is unquestionably vital in today’s fast-paced business world. It’s much more important to prepare oneself to be understood when giving a presentation, negotiating a transaction, or meeting with your peers. It’s the most important aspect of communication!

Here are some of the reasons to learn a British Accent

  • The language is known as a Sexist Accent, you never know whom you might impress with your British accent.
  • It will improve your social interactions and allow you to spend more time networking with friends and coworkers.
  • Confidence comes from speaking the language with the right pronunciation, not just the words, you don’t have to hold back to communicate confidently anymore!
  • Entertainment– watch Hollywood movies without subtitles.

At Speakeng India UK Accent Training in Bangalore, We focus on,

  • The phonetics
  • Jaw and articulation exercises
  • Sentences formation
  • Pronunciation
  • Syllable and word stress
  • Speech therapy
  • Voice modulation

Our goal is to Make Sure that Most People Can Understand You. While learning the British accent, we will train you to be close enough that people can understand you perfectly. In the ‘listen and learn’ method of learning English, which we use at Speakeng India, the focus is on listening, that’s a good way to learn the British accent. It will happen without you realizing it.

British Slang to Start Your Learning

  1. Bants: “Bants” is a shortened version of “banter.”

  2. Cuppa: Cuppa is for the phrase “cup off”, it is a “cuppa” coffee or a “cuppa” something other than tea.

  3. Mate: It is commonly used in Britain to mean a friend

  4. Ledge: This is a shortening of the word “legend.

  5. Narky: another word for bad-tempered or moody.

  6. Gagging: This means choking, making movements, and sounds like vomiting.

If you feel confident trying some of the new words, you should definitely take up with course!

Ok so, Here’s how to get a perfect British accent

Enroll now at Speakeng India’s UK Accent Training in Bangalore and learn from professionals!

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Without further ado, let us help you master!

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