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Speakengindia is the biggest training institute for French language in Bangalore. Speakeng India offers the best French language classes in Marathahalli,  BTM layout, Madiwala,  koramangala and JP nagar. At Speakeng India we follow practical and activity based training which makes learning easier and interesting. Speakeng India has both Indian and French native speakers who are highly experienced in training.

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French language Levels offered at Speakeng India:

Duration 40 40 50 50 60 60
During the Speakeng India French Language Course. The Language is spoken from the very first day of the course. As A1 is the introductory level of any language, after the completion of the A1 level at Speakeng India the student will be able to understand and use frequently-used expressions and simple phrases in order to articulate basic needs because speakenindia provides best French Language Training in Bangalore. The student will be able to introduce him/herself, ask for and offer basic personal information about his/her place of residence, his/her belongings, and about people, he/she knows. He/she will be able to interact in a basic manner as long as his/her interlocutor is willing to cooperate and speaks slowly and clearly.

A Speakeng India A2 level student will be able to understand frequently-used phrases and expressions related to relevant personal experiences (basic information on him/herself and his/her family, shopping, places of interest, activities etc.). The student will learn to communicate when carrying out simple, everyday tasks that don’t require more than the simple and direct exchange of information about familiar or habitual matters. He/she will learn to describe in simple aspects of his/her past and environment, as well as issues related to his/her basic needs.

At Speakeng India the B1 level being the intermediate level, a B1 level student will be able to understand the main points of clearly-written, standard Language, as long as the text is related to things familiar to him/her, such as work or school-related matters, or recreational activities. He/she will know how to interact in the majority of situations. He/she will be able to produce simple and coherent texts on familiar subjects or on those in which he/she has a particular interest. He/she will be able to describe experiences, events, desires and hopes, as well as briefly explain his/her opinions or plans.

Here the language gets interesting, We design the best French language Coaching in Bangalore. After the Speakeng India B2 level, the student will be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts that deal with both concrete and abstract topics, including technical texts, as long as they’re related to the student’s area of expertise. He/she can interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity so that communication between both parties is effortless. He/she will be able to produce clear and detailed texts on a broad range of subjects, as well as defending his/her opinion on general-interest issues, indicating the pros and cons of different alternatives.
C1 : Advanced French for better communication 
C2 : Advanced French for literature 

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More about the French language:

Why should I learn French?
There are numerous reasons that fall into this category and few are enlisted here to persuade you to learn French.

French is a language used worldwide-
This is an aristocratic language that is used worldwide after English. Apart from English, this is the language that is taught in every country. It is also one of the most learned and widely used Foreign language. we at Speakengindia provide the best French classes in Bangalore. 

The French language Opens the door to international jobs
Having a profound knowledge of French can be beneficial and advantageous in terms of international jobs as the use of this language is there in various countries like Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and in the continents of Africa. Learning French can open the door of working in gigantic international companies as France has the fifth biggest economy and it is the third giant investor of the world.

French is a language of piercing heart

French has its own essence and the language is a perfect blend of art, culture, fashion, cooking and various interesting stuff. The precise knowledge of this language offers access to the immersing work of literature.

French is the best tour language-
France is a quintessential destination for the visitors and every year about 79.9 million people from the world visit here to feel its magnificent beauty. So, knowing the French language can be specifically remarkable as this will assist in communication and imbibing its expressively impressing beauty.

French is a significant language for higher education-
If you are planning for international universities and want to join the best B-schools, Science Schools or any other department, Then study of the French language can serve as a boon here because the people knowing the French language are given the extraordinary privilege.

French is an easy language to learn-
Many people have the perception of the French language that it is one of the toughest languages and this can’t be inculcated easily. However, all these assumptions are false as after English this is one of the trendiest and easiest language to learn. We are providing French language classes in Bangalore to learn French in an easy way. On the behemoth internet as well, this is the third language that is used worldwide.

French helps you to learn and understand other languages frequently-
It may also interest you to know that the majority of English language vocabs are the derivatives of the French language and learning the French language can aid in learning the Roman languages easily.

French is a persuading language of love-
The first and foremost thing that this language reflects is its simplicity and serenity. This language is also being called as the language of love and negotiation. This language also assists in developing the verbal skills and perfection in speaking.

So, telling the long story, in short, this is one of the easiest, funniest, lovable and acknowledgeable language that can help you in various ways. Learning French will always allow you to walk on the ladder of development and will also open numerous doors of opportunities.

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French Trainer Profile

Best French Trainers in Bangalore

  • 20 years of relevant work experience in French Training
  • Real time Traning on French Projects
  • 60 hrs of Job Oriented Training in Bangalore
  • Successfully Trained more than 1500+ Professionals

Benefits of language

  • After English and German, French is the third most widely used language on the Internet, ahead of Spanish
  • French is an easy language to learn
  • The German language Opens the door to international jobs
  • German is a good base for learning other languages, especially Romance languages

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