The Italian Language
Italian is the official language of Italy with more than 90% of native speakers and population, 50% of the population uses regional dialect as the mother tongue. Italian is the fourth most studied foreign languages. However, the Italian language and the culture hold its own fan-base all over the world. Italian is majorly spoken in the countries Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City. At our courses at Elite, we make sure that our students learn Italian with the utmost fluency. India gives a wide opportunity to the candidates when it comes to the MNC jobs. Since the people who are fluent with the Italian Language are very few, it provides a huge scope for the career.
Acquiring knowledge of the Italian Language is beneficial and important for academic, business, Social research and certainly offers you numerous job opportunities. The federal government is always in need of applicants possessing qualified Italian language skills in the fields of diplomacy and trade. Moreover, jobs in Italian business are always lucrative. Six of the 100 largest global companies have its headquarters in Italy and it is the world’s fifth largest industrial producer of goods.

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Italian Language Training at Speakeng India
Speakeng India trains the students at different levels ranging from A1 for beginners to C2 at the Proficiency Level. The learners of Italian language vary from students, businessmen and employees who plan to shift their residence to Italy.
Our Italian Language classes in Bangalore make sure that our candidates are good enough in the Italian Language so that they could make it a career choice instead of a mere fun learning experience.
Our Trainers adopt innovative, interactive and interesting methods to teach the language, which is quickly learned by the students. These experts interact with the students in most polite, courteous, ethical manner. Since Italian is an accepted language in most parts of the world, it becomes easier for candidates to fetch a profession of their choice owing to the training we provide. Hence, if you are looking forward to learn Italian, we are the perfect catch for you.

Levels in the Dutch Language Training:

  • A1 (40 Hours Training)
  • A2 (40 Hours Training)
  • B1 (40 Hours Training)
  • B2 (40 Hours Training)
  • C1 (50 Hours Training)
  • C2 (50 Hours Training)