foreign languages for corporates

Foreign languages for corporates

In today’s world of evolving business landscape and thinning borders, you are doing your company a great disservice if your employees are not polyglots. You just cannot let them remain monolinguistic people if you want your company to grow. Besides helping your company to grow its professional network, it helps in more ways than one.

We at Speakeng India, help you in this journey of upskilling your company on languages.

We train employees of many corporates in many different languages with French and German being the main since they are most widely used languages in corporate world apart from English.


French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents. Being one of the most beautiful languages in the world, it is taught in all the major countries of the world. It boasts of over 100 million students and 2 million teachers across the globe. In fact the number of French speakers has tripled since 1945.

It is an important language in the corporate world because of its aforementioned widespread nature. In the United States, French is the 4th most used language throughout the country. It is also the working language of the UN and EU and many other international organisations. Hence, undoubtedly, if you know French as an additional language, it increases your chances of being successful in global corporate world. It increases the chances of getting job worldwide and also being successful at it. Not just job, it adds to your profile of being a successful entrepreneur with global presence.  

We at Speakeng India (Marathahalli/ BTM Layout/ Koramangala/ JP Nagar) have designed the best French coaching in Bangalore..


German is another most widely used language across the world and mainly across Europe.

Germany is home to some of the most well known international corporates such as Bosch, BMW and SAP. Having a knowledge of German makes one more attractive to employers. Also, it helps in easy absorption in corporate world if the job is based in German speaking lands.

German derives its ideology to a large extent from English and is hence easy to learn if taught in a smart and technical manner. We at Speakeng India, provide such smart classes wherein your employees can learn the language easily with smart work.

Apart from these two most sought after languages in corporate culture, we also teach other languages like Spanish , Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

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