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Speakeng India offers one of the best-rated US Accent training in Bangalore, with a variety of training approaches to suit all types of students. We follow an activity-based training program and widely acknowledged course material. 

No matter what your native language is, if you speak English with a noticeable regional accent, it will be harder for other people, especially native speakers to understand & communicate with you. This can hold you back from getting admission to your desired college abroad or getting hired. That’s one of the important reasons to consider starting your American accent training today. 

If you reduce your regional accent, improve your pronunciation, and speak fluent American English, It can have a long-term positive impact on all aspects of your everyday life. You’ll see the difference yourself!

Learn and minimize an unwanted accent at our Speakeng India’s American Accent training in Bangalore.

What US Accent really is

Let’s first discuss what the American or US accent actually is and how it differs from the other accent.

The English language is spoken by over 1.3 billion people, the majority of English speakers are not native speakers. The American accent is something that a lot of English learners wish to learn. It will be easier to understand the American accent if you have a basic understanding of its history.

The American accent is older than that of the United Kingdom.  Around the turn of the nineteenth century, the higher classes in the United Kingdom needed a method to set themselves apart from the poor. With time, the accent they acquired became widely known throughout the region. The outcome is today’s UK accent, which differs from the American accent in sound. 

Speaking with an American accent requires mastering the sounds that make it unique!

Here are some of the reasons to learn American Accent

English fluency with the right accent is unquestionably vital in today’s fast-paced business world. It’s much more important to prepare oneself to be understood when giving a presentation, negotiating a transaction, or meeting with your peers. It’s the most important aspect of communication!

  • Flaunt your accent to impress the interviewer, fast forward your career.

  • You don’t have to hold yourself to communicate or repeat yourself to the native speaker. You’ll start noticing the new confidence that you have gained!

  • Strengthen your oral presentation skills, talk clearly and confidently, and give effective speeches and presentations.

  • It will improve your social interactions and allow you to spend more time networking with friends and coworkers.

  • Entertainmentthe accent you will hear in most of the series, movies you watch is an American accent,  You won’t have to depend on the subtitles anymore!

Last but the strongest reason of all, is that the majority of speakers are American accent speakers! Around 250 million people speak with an American English accent. That says it all. 

At Speakeng India’s American Accent training in Bangalore, We focus on,

  • The phonetics
  • Jaw and articulation exercises
  • Sentences formation
  • Pronunciation
  • Syllable and word stress
  • Speech therapy
  • Voice modulation

Few free trips before you enroll!

  • Master American R sound
  • Learn the unique features of American English
  • Learn to pronounce your Ts and Ds right
  • Learn the American slang

Enroll now at Speakeng India’s US Accent Training in Bangalore and learn from professionals!

For more details on our syllabus, training process, faculty, course duration, fees, etc talk to our student counselor who will guide you further on Speakeng India US Accent classes in Bangalore.

Without further ado, let us help you master!

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