OET is a worldwide English test used to assess the language abilities of Healthcare experts. It exhibits verification of English language capability in the medicinal services condition. The test is paper-based and held each month. Through the correct direction of Speakeng India training center, applicants who get ready for the OET utilizing a systematic methodology can make progress at their first attempt, paying little respect to their past abilities.

Pattern of OET

OET gives a substantial and solid evaluation of each of the four language aptitudes.

Listening – 50 minutes, Speaking – 20 minutes, Reading – 50 minutes, writing – 45 minutes

With an accentuation on communication skills in medicinal and Healthcare professional settings. OET comprises of four sub tests.


This test comprises of two sections. In part 1, candidates listen to a sound ordinarily dialogues between the patient and they are required to take the headings. In part 2, candidates listen to a health professional giving a short talk on a health related topic and are required to complete a range of open ended and fixed choice questions.


This test comprises of two sections .In part 1, enduring 15 minutes, candidates are approached to skim read 3 or 4 short messages and complete a rundown section by filling in the missing words.It is intended to test the reading ability to check messages inside a period limit, source data from various messages, and utilize that data .In part 2, reading 45 minutes, competitors are approached to peruse two passages on general medicinal services point and answer 8-10 multiple choice questions for every content.


The writing paper requests candidates to compose a letter, for the most part a letter of referral.


The speaking test is as coordinated discussions with a questioner. It begins with a short warm-up interview about the applicant’s expert foundation. This is trailed by two pretends. Competitors have 2– 3 minutes to get ready for every pretend. Pretends last around five minutes and depend on typical interactions between a healthcare professional and a patient. The applicant embraces their standard expert job and the questioner plays a patient or sometimes relative or career.

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The OET training classes in Bangalore are led by specialists on the exam pattern. The OET training at Speakeng India, help professionals, doctors and nurses from the healthcare sector to prepare themselves in all parts of the test. The mock tests stimulated on the exam pattern which boosts the confidence of the professionals. The combination of experienced staff and systematic methodologies on the exam pattern by Speakeng India empowers the professional to manage with all parts of the reading, writing, speaking and listening part of the OET.

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