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OET is recognized by regulatory healthcare boards and councils in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Ukraine, Dubai, and Singapore.  OET is used by a variety of organizations, including hospitals, universities, and schools, to demonstrate a candidate’s capacity to communicate successfully in a challenging healthcare context. In addition, the Australian Department of Home Affairs and Immigration New Zealand recognizes OET for all immigration categories that require an English test.

What is OET? Who must take the test?

The OET is a worldwide English test that is used to evaluate the language skills of healthcare professionals. It demonstrates proof of English language proficiency in the context of medical services. The test is conducted on paper and is held once a month. Applicants who prepare for the OET using a systematic methodology under the right guidance & training facility can make progress at their first attempt, regardless of their previous ability.

Only certain nations require that those pursuing employment in the previously outlined industries pass the OET exam.  Applicants for visas in other countries must pass the OET. The OET is necessary if you are a foreign-trained medical graduate applying for medical residency in the United States. You will not be able to get ECFMG certified or apply for the Main Residency Match if you do not pass the OET.

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Pattern of OET

OET gives a substantial and solid evaluation of each of the four language aptitudes.

Listening – 50 minutes

Speaking – 20 minutes

Reading – 50 minutes

Writing – 45 minutes

With an accentuation on communication skills in medicinal and Healthcare professional settings. OET comprises four sub-tests.


This test comprises two sections. 

Part 1:  Requires applicants to listen to a typical dialogue between the patient and take notes on the headings.

Part 2: Candidates listen to a health professional giving a short talk on a health-related topic and are required to complete a range of open-ended and fixed choice questions.


This test comprises two sections. 

Part 1: Candidates are given 15 minutes to skim read three or four short messages and complete a rundown section by filling in the blanks. It is designed to assess the capacity to read messages within a set time limit, source data from several messages, and apply that data.

Part 2: After reading for 45 minutes, contestants are asked to read two passages on general medical services and answer 8-10 multiple choice questions about each topic.


The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. A different type of letters for certain professions, such as a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to counsel or inform a patient, caregiver, or group.


The speaking test consists of a series of coordinated conversations with a questioner. It starts with a brief warm-up interview on the applicant’s professional background. This is followed by two impersonations. Competitors have two to three minutes to prepare for each role-play. Role-play takes about five minutes and is based on real-life exchanges between a doctor and a patient. The interviewee embraces their typical expert role, while the questioner takes on the role of a patient, relative, or career.

Score Pattern

Candidates earn a numerical score from 0-500 in 10-point increments for each of the four subtests that make up the OET, e.g. 350,360, 370. The number score corresponds to a passing grade ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest) . OET does not have an overall grade.

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