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Learn the world’s most popular language at Speakeng India’s Spanish Classes in Bangalore. Our Spanish Classes in Bangalore have both Indian and Spanish native speakers who are highly experienced in training. At Speakeng India’s Spanish Classes in Bangalore, we have designed immersive language learning techniques and teaching methodology crafted by experienced experts who are not just Spanish language experts but also have a lot of cultural experience. Our Spanish Classes in Bangalore offer interactive & engaging sessions that will be fun to learn.

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Spanish is spoken by 543  million people in the world. It is the official language of 21 nations and, after English and Mandarin, the third most spoken language on the planet. The Spanish-speaking population is one of the world’s fastest-growing segments, with a large community that shares products, services, and culture while also providing individuals, organizations, and enterprises with a unique chance for growth.

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You should surely motivate yourself by learning about the advantages of learning Spanish before you decide to learn it, right? You’ve come to the right place! 

  • Important language to learn for travel: you’ll be able to communicate fluently in some of the world’s most beautiful nations like Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, etc where Spanish is spoken.
  • Experience the whole new world of art, literature, and beauty: One of the most significant advantages of learning Spanish is that you will have access to a world of rich Hispanic culture that is unrivaled. 
  • It appears to be a fantastic fit for your resume: Employers will be impressed by your capacity to take on the difficult process of learning a second language, making you more marketable and desirable.
  • Make your travels more delightful: Enhance your travel experience by making a genuine connection communicating in Spanish, and exploring hidden places known only by locals.
  • Spanish is quite easy to learn: Compared to many other languages, Spanish is comparatively easy to learn for an English speaker who is prepared to put in the effort. Students do not need to learn an entirely new alphabet, and there is less focus on tone than in many Asian languages.

At Speakeng India, we adopt a well-defined approach to help you attain proficiency in Spanish. We move from Level A1 to C2 i.e from the beginner to the expert level all the while making you friendly with this new language. Making you understand the concepts, the grammar and slowly grading to the highest level.

Let’s have a look at different levels of Spanish proficiency:

The Level A1 or the Beginner level is aimed at learners who are newbies to the Spanish language with almost zero prior exposure to it. At this level, you would be able to interact around in a simple manner, talk about yourself and your surroundings, introduce yourself and others. You would be able to construct simple sentences and ask questions about your immediate surroundings.

At the end of Level A2, you will be able to handle basic daily situations like the local shop visit or bank visit. You will be able to do simple talks and discussions about your life, surroundings, hobbies, friends, etc. You would be able to understand frequently used expressions related to these common topics.

At the end of Level B1, you will be able to understand, interact, and be well understood in a variety of situations like talking about a problem, asking for explanations, giving and taking opinions, talking about the past and future.

At this level, you will be able to understand clear and coherent texts about the topics you are familiar with. You will also be able to write about familiar topics.


At the end of Level B2, you would have gained proficiency sufficient enough to talk, explain and defend your opinions during a debate, to present and speculate a certain situation, to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular situation. You would be able to converse naturally and fluently with native speakers.

This level prepares you to understand and comprehend complex texts that deal with both abstract and practical issues.

At the end of Level C1, you will have a proficiency level to have fluent and precise communication. You will be able to communicate in different environments i.e social, formal, informal, etc. using proper articulation.

You would also be able to write clear and detailed texts on different topics ranging up to complex levels.

The highest level of proficiency in a foreign language is this. AT Level C2, you can easily comprehend anything and everything that you read or hear. You can collect information from different sources, understand, and then present them in a coherent manner in situations if required. You can understand the straight as well as the underlying and subtle meanings in statements and discussions.

What do our Spanish Classes in Bangalore include?

  • This course combines reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics. 
  • Study material
  • Classroom training with personalized attention
  • Audio-video sessions in the classroom
  • Assessments/mock tests
  • Certificate of Completion from the best Spanish Classes in Bangalore – Speakeng India

For more details on our Fees structure, training process, course duration, and certification, talk to our student counselor who will guide you further on Speakeng India Spanish Classes in Bangalore.

“We should learn languages because language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly.”

– Kató Lomb

Without further ado, let us help you interact in Spanish like a pro!

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