Introduction –

In generic terms, group discussion is considered as a phase, where the group of individuals belonging to the same interest gathers to present their opinion on some topic. This is one of the astounding exercises that aid in promoting the confidence level of people and nowadays, this exercise has been exclusively included in the majority of the big examinations. This task always brings a golden opportunity for a person to represent himself in front of the examiner and his own competitors. The people, who own a remarkable approach and have the creative mind and when these two features are complemented with dynamic attitude there is no such GD round that such versatile people can’t crack

Why is group discussion important?
The GD is a significant tool that allows a person to present his view, opinions on various topics and this task opens the door to confidence. The GD round is one of the important round in multiple exams as the judges always want to pick the versatile person from the group. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to attempt the GD round.

What are the benefits of having group discussion?
When you join any institute or college, there are numerous students, who study with you and when you can’t communicate with them in your way or when you fail to present yourself then this thing most often becomes a fear and a fearful person can never ever stand on the professional grounds. This is the prime reason, why the big institutes or some big firms always conduct a GD round as this allows them to easily find the right candidate. Well, this is also a reason, why various coaching institutes teach and guide you about the GD and while guiding you they ask you to throw out the hesitation and start speaking and present your opinion. As this works as an enhancing agent in your professional life.

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For any kind of admission at any working or studying place, there is also one very stipulated round, which is considered as one of the toughest round i.e. the interview round. In generic, it is called as the dynamic stage where the interviewer can ask you anything and you can’t read his mind as what his next question would be. When talking about the interview, we can never forget to address the person in the room and that is the candidate, whose interview is taken. For any candidate, there are certain things that he needs to ensure like his confidence, his virtue, his opinions, his attitude, his way of presentation, his aptitude and how flawlessly he can attract the interviewer. So, in shorter terms, interview skills are skills which are required for a candidate to present himself in such beautiful manner that he could induce the interviewer towards himself by his aptitude gravity.

What are the essential components of interview skills? There are many components that are involved in your interview skills and for attaining precision in these skills, you should find out such an institute that can provide diversified knowledge of this arena. Though all the points can’t be enlisted here in one set, there are few points that you might be aware of-
Language fluency- facing interview can slight give you Goosebumps but weakness or tad bit nervousness should not be reflected on your face and the effect of nervousness should not influence your fluency of talking. Also, there are many interviewers, who notice the emphasizing points of your language, hence, you need to make sure that you don’t emphasize on yourself more using words like I, Me and so on.
Non-Verbal Communication- the movements of hands, your facial expressions and your style of sitting and walking manner also holds marks. So, you need to be prepared for it.
 this quality of many individuals brings happiness on the face of the interviewers as the people who have confidence in themselves and, they get enough privileges.
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What is called Personality?

Facing an interview or any person with confidence is not everyone’s cup of tea. Generally, this is considered one of the toughest tasks in anyone’s life. For many people, it’s their back of hand like going and talking to unknown people with ease, presenting themselves as if they are versatile and many more activities; but for many other people, it is hard to even face someone with boldness. However, this is a kind of skill that is more importantly required in the interviews and this skill holds a great value. Also, this has been defined by a precise term, personality development.

What is personality development?
In the ongoing world, there are many assets that one requires to find a suitable job or to crack interviews of some behemoths like IELTS, TOFEL and much more. One of the most important skills that reflect your enthusiastic nature and the asset that induces people towards your gravity is your personality. This asset is counted in your characteristics and this is one of the most important features that one should always possess. If this confidence is lacking in you then there are enough chances of losing the golden opportunities. So, for presenting yourself better, the personality development course is very important and it is one of the significant attributes that assist in presenting your aptitude.

Who can help in this?
If you lack the confidence or don’t know how to represent yourself in front of big old birds of competition or any interviewer then don’t feel deprived as this is the case with a majority of the people, we face every day. So, if you are one of them or you want to carve your personality more then must meet us. Speakeng India is an institute that trains you at peak level to apprehend the demand of any situation and act accordingly. Thus, don’t be shy and come to us for experiencing the best you can have.

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Presentation skill is the key skill to present your thoughts, your views, your virtues and your personality across the world. This is a skill, which is highly important in both educational and professional field. The presentation skill is something that allows you to interact and influence others by your magnetic aptitude.
If you have the feeling that you have uniqueness but due to some reasons you are not able to express yourself, then analyse this thing very easily that you are lacking the confidence to present yourself.This lacking might drag under the darkness of not able do anything. There have been many people, who suffer from such situation and they go into depression as they are unable to express themselves as they should.

How to improve the presentation skill?
There are many things that you can opt to improve the presentation skill but one of the most important thing that plays a major role in this section is the aura. If you have a positive aura and such people, who are in continuous practice to improve themselves, then you would never ever feel deprived of anything and you would be able to perform well.
Also, here are few things that you can bring in practice for improving yourself-

  • Always try to speak with confidence and don’t hesitate for keeping your views in front of anyone.
  • Never ever sit silently when there is any kind of GD going on as this makes you feel deprived and submissive.
  • Always try to put views for any situation and don’t be very spontaneous.

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Everyone loves to talk on the phone and for breaking the barrier of distance and communication between the people, this wonder equipment was created, Telephone. In the trend, everyone owns a mobile phone, which works like another world in a box.
Nowadays, the mobile and telephones play a key role in the professional and education as these are always used for informing people.
Maybe for some of you, it would be surprising to know that a mobile phone or telephone is also used for interviews and in the present time telephonic interviews are very common.
In shorter terms, the telephonic etiquette is considered to be the process of speaking on the phone with a person with all the etiquette that are important.

What is the precise meaning of etiquette?
Well, normally when we talk about the etiquette, this stands for respecting the other person, considering other person’s words very cautiously, listening to him very carefully, not interrupting him while he is speaking, apprehending his terms and then giving the prompt but nice response.
All these features are always enlisted at the top in the list of telephonic etiquette. These are the very important things for any kind of telephonic interviews and there are much more things that one need to learn about it.
It is not an easy thing to apprehend the requirements of the telephonic interview just by reading few articles as for developing the quality to face such kind of interviews, one always need an extensive training.

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Overview- Writing an essay at school is like remembering the days of childhood. However, when it comes to real-time writing skills, it becomes a very difficult point for the majority of the people to express their thoughts or their views about any topic. Writing is not the back of a hand of every person as writing skill is consist of multiple things like formatting, paragraph separation, paragraph designing, expression to emphasize the writing, punctuation and much more. So, you can easily conclude from the above-mentioned thing that this is not a mere task that anyone can perform. Moreover, writing is also something that reflects your intellectuality, your erudition, your prediction and your views. The alignment of sentences and flow of writing is always required to be impressive as only impressive and flawless writing can only win the heart of the examiner during the exams. Also, the skill of writing a magnifying and flawless writing, where the alignment and word-flow are very precise called as the writing skill.


Yes, this is true as writing section is one of the important section in all the exams and interviews. There have been many times that during the interview people have been asked to write about something and here the examiner always tries to check your spontaneity which should be complemented with the erudition. The writing skill is one of the most significant skills that can enhance your personality and way of expressing yourself too. So, the best option to imbibe this skill is to learn it with precision.

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