The Dutch Language:
The Dutch language is the native language of Netherlands and Flemish Province of Belgium. Dutch is a West Germanic language with about 20 million speakers mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are three terms we need to define: Holland, the Netherlands, and Dutch. In Old English Dutch is simply meant “people or nation.” (This also explains why Germany is called Deutschland in German.) Over time, English-speaking people used the word Dutch to describe people from both the Netherlands and Germany. It has official status in Suriname and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten. Dutch is easier for English speakers. Dutch is close to English, considered even closer than German. So if you speak German and English, learning Dutch should be smooth sailing. And even if you only speak English, you will still have an advantage

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Dutch Language Training at Speakeng India
We provide A1 to B2 coaching in the Dutch language and civic integration exam preparation. For A1 level, no prior knowledge of language is required. From beginners’ level (A1) to experienced (B2, state exam level Dutch as a foreign language 1 and 2. You will be guaranteed to receive enough personal attention and will have sufficient time to ask all your questions. And, last but not the least, you will have enough time to (learn how to) speak Dutch! We are also very happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from our students. See our testimonials on Google or just come in to meet our teachers and see yourself! Speaking Dutch correctly (both in formal and informal settings) is only possible if you have a decent understanding of its grammar. This is why our courses are subdivided into a grammar part and a conversation part. Every day you will learn a new grammatical item which is immediately used during the conversation lesson. You are always taught the right order of the sentence as this is one of the major difficulties for non-native speakers. The classes are taught by experienced teachers who will help you speak correctly in a pleasant way without interrupting the flow of the conversation or disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. The end result is that you will be able to speak Dutch in the correct way.

Levels in the Dutch Language Training:

  • A1 (40 Hours Training)
  • A2 (40 Hours Training)
  • B1 (40 Hours Training)
  • B2 (40 Hours Training)
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