Speakeng India is one of the biggest training institutes for Languages in Bangalore. We have specially designed courses and levels for people who find it difficult to Express themselves in English even though they know what is to be said at particular situations. At Speakeng india in our English speaking classes we follow an activity and practical based training in which the complete student involvement in the sessions makes the sessions lively and interactive thus making it more useful and maximising the learning outcome. When we say English coaching we focus on grammar, pronunciations and soft skills that not only makes you fluent in English but also improve your confidence and the required skills. At Speakeng India’s Spoken English classes we focus on the needs of every student since the learning requirements and learning curve of every student is different.
Along with Spoken English course there are many other additional self training tips that you need to follow to have a command on English which will be trained to you by your trainer, an excellent trainer is like the rudder to your learning boat.
We at Speakeng India provide you with such guidance that helps you master the language along with interview skills, presentation skills, personality development, email Etiquette, accent training and much more. Confidence is your personal trait but we help you to build it as its the key to speaking fluent English.
Speakeng India has its presence at most of the major locations in Bangalore.
If you are looking for Spoken English classes in Marathahalli, BTM layout, JP Nagar, Madiwala or Koramagala,we are here to guide you.
Levels in the Spoken English Training :
1)Level 1
5)Advanced / Corporate English
More information about the levels :
1) Level 1 : suitable for people who are completely new to English.
Duration : 36 Hours (18 Classes)
Course content :
Numbers along with spellings
Days and months
Seasons(along with activities)
Sentence structure (is and are).
‘Wh’ questions with conversation activities
Simple word meaning which is used in day to day situations.
Simple Verbs
Self introduction
Everyday objects
Opposite and genders
2) Prebasic : Suitable for people who have very little knowledge of English.
Duration : 36 Hours (18 Classes)
Course content:
Self introduction.
Verb positioning be form.
Regular and irregular verbs.
conjuction along with subjects.
Parts of speech and exercises.
Verbs and prepositions in detail.
Tenses (past present and future).
Uses of Tenses along with conjuction.
Jumbled sentences.
Plurals and related rules.
Small presentations.
Sentence structure.
Homophones and their usages.
Vocabulary building.
Translation of sentences.
3) Basic : Suitable for people who cab manage basic day to day conversations in English but not the complex ones.
Duration : 50 Hours (25 classes)
Course content :
The Basic level will have a lot of Grammar and vocabulary building along with a lot of activities like:
Narrating stories.
Finding verbs in the story and creating a different story.
Simple discussion topics.
On spot simple topics.
Narrating a video clip.
Extempore topics.
Parts of speech and tenses with Activities and Practical training.
4) Intermediate: Suitable for people who are able to manage most of the conversations in English but with a few grammatical mistakes.
Duration: 50 Hours (25 classes)
Course Content :
Ice Breaking activities to build confidence.
Tenses (In depth)With activities.
Pronouns and adjectives.
Group discussion.
Interview Tips.
Pannel interview session / Mock interviews.
Just a minute topics.
Basic telephonic Etiquette.
Word building and vocabulary building.
Viva assessment with other trainers.
Story Narration.
Video Narration
conversation activities.
Intermediate handy book grammar solving excercise.
5) Advanced / Corporate English : suitable for people with good communication skills who want to get trained on advanced Grammar and soft skills.
Duration: 40 Hours (20 Classes)
Course Content:
Advanced grammar and vocabulary.
Personality development.
Presentation skills.
Email Etiquette.
Interview skills.
Telephonic Etiquette.
Accent neutralization.
Writing skills.