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Tips for OET preparation 

OET or Occupational English Test is designed specifically to test the English proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to practice in an English-speaking country. Knowing English at a certain level with the widely used healthcare terminology is important to understand the vital information, a slight miscommunication in which can be very critical. 

Hence, Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA) introduced this test which is a joint venture between Cambridge English and Boxhill Institute.

OET assesses four language skills with Writing and Speaking tests different for 12 different areas of healthcare while the other two i.e. Reading and Listening tests are the same across all areas. 

You need to have extensive preparation for any test and OET is no different. You definitely need to have a proper study plan and understand the test structure completely as per your domain.    

Here are some tips that you might find useful in your preparation for OET:

  1. Know about the test: The first and foremost requirement to reach a destination successfully is being completely familiar with the path. In the case of OET, before attempting the exam and even before starting the preparation, get to know all the aspects of the exam completely, what to expect in your exam and what does it assess. What your examiners expect you to answer and what you need to score high. Knowing all these things can set a level base and a target for you to base your preparation. 
  2. Make a study plan: As true with every exam, make a well-organized study plan. You cannot score high by just studying for 2 days before the exam. You need a well-planned study schedule now. More so because you are a professional now and need to squeeze time and a calm mind from your working schedule. Plan your study. Learn new concepts when you are fresh and lightly worked. Revise and practice the concepts when you might be a little worked up at the office. Set goals, daily, weekly, monthly. Tick them out. 
  3. Seek Guidance: It is always good to enroll for a proper OET preparation from some certified preparation provider. You’ll get well-researched study material and expert guidance with sheer focus on the exam. 
  4. Hone your skills: Your biggest guide is you and not the institute teacher. OET is the test of language and not medical knowledge. So, inculcate English in your daily life as far as possible. Try using English for all your official and non-official conversations. Read in English, listen to music, news, etc. in English, speak and discuss in English. Make English a part of your daily life.
  5. Take Mock Tests: Taking time-bound mocks and session practice tests goes a long way in making you ready for the exam. Since OET assesses not just your English but also applying your knowledge of the language in practical scenarios, it is absolutely necessary to have extensive practice of the test before appearing for it. It doesn’t end there. Review your mock tests properly and research the best strategies that could be applied to solve each question.
  6. Let’s have a look at the test format:

The test assesses four language skills viz.:

Reading (60 minutes)

Writing (45 minutes)

Speaking (approx. 20 minutes)

Listening (approx. 50 minutes)

 You should go through and understand the complete test format of all these sub-sections. 

All these sections are graded on a scale of A to E. A grade of A or B only certifies you as proficient in English and your aim should be to score that. 

At Speakeng India, we provide well-researched study material and complete guidance on the OET exam. With our experts available to guide you throughout the preparation on all the skills and strategies required for the exam, combined with your hard work, you can be assured of securing a high score in the OET exam. 

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