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Different Parts in PTE Reading

PTE is the English proficiency test for international study and immigration that is accepted worldwide. It is an entirely computer-based test and hence provides a fast and convenient testing solution. 

PTE assesses four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. It lasts for a total of 3 hours and has several advantages over other English proficiency tests. It has vast acceptance worldwide and also provides fast results within 48 hours. With a complete AI-enabled system you can be assured of a completely fair assessment. It also ranks high on convenience since you can schedule the test 24 hours in advance 365 days a year.

In this blog, we will discuss about PTE Reading section.

Reading is the second section of the test. It has 5 tasks in total and takes around 30-40 mins. It contains reading material across a varied range of subjects. Here are the 5 sections of the test:

  • Multiple choice, single answer:

In this question, you will have a text of around 100-110 words based on which you’ll have to answer one multiple choice question with just one correct answer. 

  • Multiple choice, Multiple answers: 

Here, unlike the first one, you will have multiple answers to a question based on a text paragraph. The key to getting it right is reading the question prompt very carefully along with the text passage. 

  • Reorder paragraphs:

You would be provided with some random paragraphs on the left side. You need to read and reorder them in the correct sequence. Drag and drop on the right side. 

  • Reading – Fill in the blanks:

You would be given a text of around 80 words. Below the text, you would be provided with several words. You need to select the correct word for each blank and drag it to its correct place. 

  • Reading and Writing- Fill in the blanks:

You would be provided with a passage with several blanks. The passage is around 300 words. Each blank will have drop-down options of some words. You need to select the correct word to fill in the blank. 

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