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Preparations for PTE Speaking test

PTE is both easy and difficult at the same time. However, if you understand the format and prepare according to a plan, an 80+ score is definitely achievable. Let me cover the modules one by one.

Speaking – The easiest section of the exam as it not only examines the candidates’ content but also pronunciation and fluency. Therefore, if the candidate forgets what the information is, they can carry on speaking as the computer will also score them based on their pronunciations and fluency equally. So, it is essential for the candidate to practice this on daily basis. To enhance this skill, the candidate can engage in a conversation with somebody fluent in English or a native of an English-speaking country. The more they converse in English, the more they overcome their disparity or blockages. In this way, the candidate will even gain confidence to approach anyone and hold a conversation by themselves as well. 

This practice will help the candidates with their fluency, pronunciation and also make them quite familiar with ways to bridge their sentences. It will be a lot helpful, in case the candidate forgets some words during the exam. Apart from that, the candidate can also practice recitations and hold recitals with themselves in an estimated time. They can always stand in front of the mirror and practice it whenever they can and this will provide a massive boost during their enhancements.

These are the essential steps the candidate can follow to up their skills from home but they need to practice these on daily basis, diligently. By practicing them on daily basis, the user can approach practice tests and mock tests, again, to keep a check on their development and how far they have come from their previous level, and how ready are they for the actual exam.

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