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Importance of English in Corporates

Before I even start explaining the importance of English in Corporates or anywhere, let’s have a look at some of the figures:

  • English is the first language for 373 million people.
  • A second language for another 500 million.
  • Another 2 billion are on their learning path towards English
  • As a language, it is recognized officially in 80 countries and spoken widely in another 100 countries.
    The facts above suggest that English is indeed a global language. The most widely accepted language, English is the lingua Franca across the world. Not only this, English-speaking countries make 29.3% of the total world GDP. Ah! A lot of money there! This directly points towards the fact that English is the major language involved in the business.
    Since English is the most widely accepted language, it is easier to connect and communicate with people in English when both of you have different native languages. This means you become more adaptable to expansion. Even within the country, you might have different mother tongues but English is one language that transcends the borders.
    Most corporates have offices across the globe. It becomes easier to make English the common mode of communication for any documents, meetings, banners, etc. If a team from one country were to connect with another team from another team over some business, they need to have a common language. English, has become the usual choice in such cases due to its widespread nature.
    Again, due to its widespread nature, English is now used in all branding and communications of the company.
    English is also the language of the internet and today internet is the backbone of the world. To keep up with the fast pace world, you need the internet for numerous reasons and to use the internet, you need to know English.
    Now, these were the basic reasons as to why so much importance is given to English across corporates. Because of these basic reasons, there are secondary reasons that make it an important language to know.
  • It increases job prospects. Because of its importance as recounted above, English proficiency is given high importance while hiring candidates.
  • It allows you to connect better with colleagues in offices where there is diverse culture.
  • You have some real good business plans in mind. To make them sound effective, you need to connect well with the team. And for that, you need to have some good communication skills in a language that everyone understands. That is English.
  • Speaking and writing English are two different things. While you may write correct English but when it comes to speaking, you need to have a hold on proper pronunciation and a lot of confidence. A good proficiency in English makes you an effective speaker.
  • It allows you to be on move without any resistance. If you know English, you can travel to any country for vacation or for business.
  • It comes in handy if you are looking for higher education abroad and are required to clear the English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

I’m sure I’ve outlined enough points to stress upon the importance of the English language and why it is so much needed in corporates.
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Vaishali Pandey

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