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Why is it Important to score a higher band in IELTS ?

IELTS is an English examination required by the universities in the UK to assess global students’ English language capabilities, especially those whose first language is not English or who are not from an English-speaking country. The exam includes four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Students are given marks on each aspect and also as a total score on a 9 Band scale.

Usually, to qualify, undergraduate degree students are expected to score a minimum of 5.5 in each section and band 6 overall. For a master’s degree, students must achieve a minimum of 6 in each section and band 6.5 overall. And of course, some Universities count on higher than the general. The rating requirement relies upon the subject area and nature of the course. Therefore, it is always encouraged to score as high as possible in your IELTS exam.

Reading Test – Although it is referred to as a reading test it is not just a reading test, it is a check to assess your reading abilities such as skimming, scanning, and close reading skills.

By improving the above abilities you will be able to get a precise hold close on the paragraph or the textual content that you are being examined on. You will then be in a position to answer distinct sorts of questions such as short answer questions, multiple-choice, summary completion, matching headings tips and strategy, labeling diagrams and sentence completion, etc.

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