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Advantages of taking online Dutch classes

Dutch, the official language of the Netherlands has about 22 million native speakers. It is also spoken in a few other countries such as Belgium, South Africa, and Suriname. 

Dutch can be described as a link between English and German but definitely not a mix of them. While it shares a close vocabulary and grammar with English, it is overall closer to German. Due to its proximity to English, it is probably the easiest language to learn for English speakers. 

If you are looking to learn Dutch, Speakeng India provides the best learning experience with activity-based and lively sessions. Expert trainers provide you with not just an easy approach to learning a foreign language but also make you enjoy speaking and accepting a new language. We also have online cases available to help you learn a new language from the comfort of your home. 

There are numerous advantages of learning Dutch online. Let’s count a few of them:

  1. One on One closed interaction: You might think that human interaction face to face adds more to your learning but think about it. When we are in an e-learning environment, it’s a one on one interaction with the instructor on-screen and you with no distractions around. I would rate this method much above than learning it in a classroom full of distraction.
  2. Save your commute time: In today’s world, time is money. You have some limited productive hours of the day in which if are looking at upskilling yourself at the same time managing a full-time or part-time job, college, family, and whatnot. Out of this, if you have taken a decision to upskill yourself by squeezing out time, we want to applaud you. Out of those precious few hours, why do you want to spend even a fraction of them on the road? Think about it.
  3. Learn at home, at your time: With e-learning, you don’t have the compulsion of making up some excuse to your boss or professor and rushing to the class mid-day. Decide your class time and log in to the class as per your comfort.
  4. Highly useful resources available: When it’s e-learning, you have a lot of high-quality learning material available online with ease. These are the additional resources other than the regular sessions. Audios, videos, podcasts, articles aid your learning.
  5. All Resources at one place: Gone are the days when you had to make notes in different folders, then keep all the papers intact, organize the notes, and still sometimes spend hours searching them before the exam. Remember the horror? Times have changed. Now you have all your learning material and resources in one place. On your device. Keep them online like google drive or dropbox for ease so that you can easily access them from any device.
  6. Learn from anywhere: Travelling for a business meet or doing a road trip? While you sometimes would need a break, but in case you do not want to miss your session, you can always log in from any coordinate.

With so many advantages, I hope you would not have an excuse to not upskill yourself in this beautiful foreign language. Go and enroll yourself with Speakeng India today!

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