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Reasons to learn Dutch

Dutch, the official language of the Netherlands has about 22 million native speakers. It is also spoken in a few other countries such as Belgium, South Africa, and Suriname.
Learning a new language is always good since it opens up new opportunities. It is also good for your mental health and logical abilities.
For now, let’s have a look at some of the reasons to learn the Dutch language:

  1. It’s an easy language to learn if you are already proficient in English. Dutch can be described as a link between English and German but definitely not a mix of them. While it shares a close vocabulary and grammar with English, it is overall closer to German. Due to its proximity to English, it is probably the easiest language to learn for English speakers.
  2. Learning Dutch, or I would say, any new language for that matter, opens up a whole new world with many different possibilities and avenues. More than 85% of Dutch-speaking people also speak English but then it’s always good to know the local language if you are in any Dutch-speaking country. It gives you confidence and the ability to sail through the local menus and local culture. You connect well with the people and understand their culture well. It gives you an insider view of the culture. Also, the natives appreciate you for going that extra mile in learning their language.
  3. Dutch proficiency is an important companion when it comes to traveling. So, when you are on a trip to any Dutch-speaking country, knowing a few phrases helps you to enjoy your holidays a little more. You understand their culture better and they appreciate you for showing interest in their language and giving it respect.
  4. And then! How about higher studies in some Dutch country? The Netherlands has an approx. of 1700 graduate-level programs that are mostly taught in English. However, it’s not just the teacher-student and study that you require in education. Your all-round development depends on connecting with peers around you. Understanding people and working on team projects etc. Knowing Dutch in such a case is definitely a huge advantage.
  5. Boost your brain! The advantages of learning multiple languages are numerous and it’s a proven fact. Your memory improves, you get better at multitasking, and helps you in efficient decision making.
    With so many good reasons in favor of learning Dutch, don’t you want to already learn this beautiful language? Sign up for a course at Speakeng India today. They have both online and offline classes available which gives you great flexibility in learning this new language.

-Vaishali Pandey

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