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Learning at Speakeng India – A safe experience post-Covid

All around the world, the Covid 19 pandemic created much havoc. There were lockdowns all around the globe, which is why people resorted to online learning. A lot of students who wanted to appear for some exams related to a foreign language, were are feeling stressed and anxious in the current environment. In general, falling off track is a common study problem–and it’s super common in pandemic situations!

Now that the situations are getting better, especially in India, institutions are reopening back to give a new boost to the growth graph. There are new measures that have to be taken care of so that the students learn and grow, but all if this takes place with guaranteed safety. 

Speakeng India, the foreign language courses in Bangalore too, has made sure that the students stay at the pink of their health to ensure their success. Today, this blog will talk about how Speakeng India is taking care and keeping the spread of Covid at bay.

Limited Spots

We limited the number of attendees of each class, and there have been made more batches for each training session. As per the government orders, we will ensure safety distance between students. Your experience will be even more exclusive, and you will have the possibility to learn and exchange with others while respecting the distances.

Flexible classrooms

The primary classrooms of our IELTS coaching in Bangalore and other courses have been made flexible and adaptable for every safety need. We will reduce its capacity to keep distances. It will be compulsory for all to wear masks. The staff, teachers as well students have to mandatory be in covered faces.

Cleaning and sanitizing

All the spaces and surfaces of our institution are thoroughly cleansed every day. You will find hand sanitisers in each room which are available for everyone’s use. The sanitizer stands will make sure no one enters the institution without disinfecting the hands. Other than soap, bathrooms have sanitizer gel and a trash can outside the door. We make sure that all the table, chair and door handles too are sanitized from time to time.

A new reality

Meet new people, learn a new language, prepare for tests that could change your life, catch-up with friends, and build your network in a safer environment. We know that interaction plays a big part in the language learning procedure, and we don’t want you to miss that. Speakeng India – the English speaking classes in Bangalore has the best facilities to face the new reality in security.

Many countries are entering a new phase, leaving the tight lockdown behind and embracing a new reality. The virus is still a threat and will be part of our lives; that’s why it is essential to adopt safety measures that enable people to go back to their lives left on hold. While some people can’t wait to go back to their office, restaurants and gym, many others fear that it might still be risky to go back to business as usual. We at Speakeng India are making sure that you grow towards the new avenues of life while learning new languages. Make sure that you, too, do not take the government’s rules and regulations lightly and adhere to social distancing and wearing masks. 

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