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Best strategies to maximize your IELTS band score

Firstly, getting band 8 or 9 truly isn’t always easy. Those sorts of rankings imply that you are absolutely fluent in English (9) or very fluent (8).

There are many exclusive guidelines and strategies to score high. If you attend courses at IELTS facilities they can be up to 10 weeks or more. So there would clearly be too a whole lot to go through in order to reach that score. 

The other problem is that to get a recommendation tailor-made in the direction of your particular desires you’d truly need to have some sort of assessment to discover out the place your weaknesses are. You’d also want to see a tutor if you desire a specific plan to suit your desires as they will need to assess you.

For example, you ask about focusing on accuracy or time management, but that truly depends on what module you are referring to and once more your personal abilities.

What you want to acquire in phases of individual band scores is quite possible due to the fact that most of you desire to improve by around half a band. But you can also nevertheless discover that it takes more than a month as even half a band can be quite an improvement, mainly if it is in each module.

But if you say you want 8.5 / 9. That is a big bounce from some of your cutting-edge scores. To score say 8.5, you need to score at least 9, 9, 8, 8, in more than a few modules. Going from writing band 7 to band eight is a very huge step and takes time and practice. 

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