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How to write a formal letter for IELTS

You will be given instructions and three factors to include in your IELTS formal letter. It is integral that you include all three points.

Your first challenge is to discover your audience; through this, I suggest the character or people you are writing to. This is honestly important as it will help you determine the formality of the language and style of the letter.

Identifying the audience

You may additionally ask yourself; ‘How will I know if I am supposed to write a semi-formal or formal style letter?’ 

Well, there are clues in the examination task to help you decide.

For example; if you recognize the individual you are writing to or have met them before, such as your boss, or the manager of the resort you talked to about your lodging whilst on holiday, then the style would be semi-formal and you can greet the individual by using the name.

In this examination assignment, the audience is the supervisor of your insurance company and consequently, you ought to use a formal style as you are writing to a man or woman you do not recognize or have never met.

Formal style greeting and signing off

If you don’t comprehend the person you are writing to or have by no means met them you must use an extra formal greeting and sign off with, Yours faithfully, accompanied via your surname.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to express my gratitude for ……



I seem to be forward to ……..

Yours faithfully,

Mr. K. John

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